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Hi I’m Trevor Conquergood and I have created this blog to help support my classes for users of Floriani Total Control U software.

Membership for this special class comes with the new DVD Quick Start by Trevor Conquergood.  This series also includes 12 monthly classes that member can attend live and also receive the class download to enjoy on your own time.

Please visit your FTC-U dealer to purchase a copy of the DVD.

Quick Start DVD

The FTCU Workshop comes with a DVD Quick Start Guide.   On the Data DVD is over 4 hrs of video specially recorded to help you with getting started using the software.  If you are already experience with FTCU software this DVD is the perfect refresher and you will enjoy the easy to follow teaching style that Trevor brings to this exciting and fun software.

On-Line Classes

FTCU Workshop also includes 12 Monthly classes with Trevor.  Members can attend these classes live but if you need to miss a class don’t worry because the classes are recorded and all members will receive the class to download and watch on your own time.  To join the live on line classes you will need to register as a member. Inside the DVD case is a redemption code to use when you register.  Only people who have purchased the DVD from a FTCU dealer can register for the on line classes.

March 2015 to February 2016

The classes begin March 2015 and there will be one new class each month.  Members can join any time during the series and Trevor will send all past classes to help you get caught up.  When you join Trevor will also provide all of the links needed to register to attend the classes live if you wish.  Attending live is optional because once you are on the member list you will automatically receive all new classes to download as soon as they become available.

Class Dates

  • FTCU-W01-01 – March 18th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-02 – April 15th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-03 – May 13th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-04 – June 17t 2015
  • FTCU-W01-05 – July 15th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-06 – August 12th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-07 – September 23rd 2015
  • FTCU-W01-08 – October 14th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-09 – November 18th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-10 – December 16th 2015
  • FTCU-W01-11 – January 13th 2016
  • FTCU-W01-12 – February 17th 2016

It is possible that class dates may need to be changed.  If that happens every effort will be made to notify all members as soon as possible.  The recording is normally sent about 2 days after the class is recorded because Trevor needs time to process the video and prepare the download.  Your patience is appreciated.

To join as a Member of FTCU Workshop with Trevor Conquergood.

Please purchase the DVD from your local FTCU dealer.  This DVD is only available from RNK Distributing and any FTCU dealer may order you a copy.  There are no on line sales of the product.  Please visit RNK Distributing to find a dealer.


Phone (865) 549-5115

Toll Free (877) 331-0034

If you have already purchased your DVD and have the required redemption code you may use this link to proceed to the registration page.

Member Registration Page press here.


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