FTC-U Workshop 01-02


Types of ImagesFTCU-W01-04.015 Begins at 7:00 of the video.  Duration 16 minutes.

Trevor begins class with a segment about the types of images and the difference between vector artwork and bitmap images.  Learn the difference between good or poor quality artwork and how that will affect the process you choose to create the design.

FTCU-W01-04.016Digitizing Tools Review Begins at 23:00 of the video.  Duration 18 minutes.

Before we begin to create some embroidery designs Trevor reviews the tools we will need to use.  If you can master a few core tools you can create absolutely any design you want.  Trevor also reviews the three drawing modes, line, pen and bezier.

FTCU-W01-04.017Auto Artwork Tool Review Begins at 41:00 of the video.  Duration 5 minutes.

You don’t always need to use the hands on or manual digitizing tools to create designs.  Many times your artwork will be good enough to take advantage of the auto artwork tool.  In this case the software will create artwork segments based on the colours of the pixelated image.  This tool works with a wizard that takes you through the steps to choose size and number of colours that will be created.  Once the artwork segments are created you can select them to assign a style of stitching and make edits as needed.  With good quality images the auto artwork tool is a snap and makes it very quick to create beautiful embroidery.  Remember quality artwork helps make quality embroidery.

FTCU-W01-04.019Heart by Auto Artwork 
Begins at 46:00 of the video.  Duration 20 minutes.

In this segment of class Trevor uses both auto artwork and auto digitizing to create a design from the good quality bitmap artwork.  This allows Trevor to quickly create the artwork shapes of the design and then assign the stitching styles.  To create the satin border you need to add inclination lines so it will know how to turn the stitches around he shape.  Trevor used Fancy Fill 300 and Motif Fill 257 on this design.

FTCU-W01-04.020Heart from Vector Artwork Begins at 1:06:00 of the video.  Duration 11 minutes.

This design is created from vector .emf artwork.  When you import vector artwork there are already segments for the shapes and FTCU does not need to create them.  You can simply select the parts of the design to assign the style of stitching and edit as needed.  When you work with vector artwork you still need to observe the same basic principles we talked about in the previous class.

Fancy Fill 237 and Motif Fill 219

FTCU-W01-04.022Heart by Digitizing Tools Begins at 1:17:00 of the video.  Duration 17 minutes.

The black and white image of the heart is a good example of the poor quality artwork you might encounter when creating embroidery from images.  Auto Artwork is not much help with this image and so Trevor shows how to use the hands on tools to create the segments.  It takes few more clicks this way but you do have full control to create exactly what you need and anything you can imagine.

Fancy Fill 201 and Motif Fill 216

FTCU-W01-04.024Heart by Magic Wand Tool Begins at 1:34:00 of the video.  Duration 16 minutes.

Trevor received email from Jane asking about the red-work tool and if is better to draw the lines yourself.  Trevor reviews how the red-work tool will create a line down the center of your artwork vs the magic wand tool that will create lines around both sides of the artwork.  Both tools can be used to create single or bean style run  lines for red-work.  Trevor used the magic wand tool to create artwork for yet another way to create this heart design.

Fancy Fill 222 and Motif Fill 213

FTCU-W01-04.026Heart with Embossing Begins at 1:55:30 of the video.  Duration 6 minutes.

Trevor receive an email from Ann with a photo asking about a tool that was used .  Embossing is a technique where you can use any artwork shape to apply embossing to the fill stitches that are under it.  Trevor used the good quality bitmap artwork to quickly fill in the heart with stitches and then created the word LOVE to emboss into the fill underneath. FTCU-W01-04.029