FTCU-W02-12.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 02-12

Class length is approximately 2 hrs and 04 minutes.  

Opening Stitch Formats

Begins at 2:00 of the video.  Duration 16 minutes.  

When you open a stitch format such as .pes or .jef there is an option that is checked on by default.  This will convert the stitches into outlines or objects that FTCU can use for editing the design.  However you can also turn that off and Trevor explains why you would do that.  FTCU-W02-12.003.jpeg

Editing Stitches

Begins at 18:00 of the video.  Duration 9 minutes.  

If you un-check the stitches to outlines option when you open a stitch format design the software will simply make a each colour a block of stitches.  Trevor shows how to use the stitch edit tool to select individual stitches in the design and then add a colour stop. FTCU-W02-12.004.jpeg

Thread Chart Creator

Begins at 27:30 of the video.  Duration 10 minutes.  

Trevor creates a new thread chart that gives a rainbow of colours to choose from and yet is exactly the length of his work space.  Learn to create your own custom colour chart and the “My 48.thr” chart that Trevor made is included with the download.  FTCU-W02-12.005.jpeg

Text Enveloping – Hockey Puck and Sticks – Name Bar

Begins at 37:45 of the video.  Duration 10 minutes.  

Trevor shares this cool name blank in the shape of a hockey puck and crossed sticks.  You can add your name or number to the blank spaces as Trevor did below.  However to get your letters to fit perfectly in the spaces you will need to understand how to envelope a text object.  Learn to change from the normal select/transform mode to text/select mode where you can change the shape of your text with the envelope handles.  Remember to adjust your letter spacing for even space between each letter.  FTCU-W02-12.006FTCU-W02-12.007

Text Name Drop

Begins at 47:45 of the video.  Duration 18 minutes.  

The name drop tool is a quick way to create several designs that are similar but have different names.  This will also help to make sure that the lettering is the same size and locations for each of the names on your list.  You choose the formats you would like and the folder to save everything to.  FTCU-W02-12.008.jpeg

Monogram Review

Begins at 57:00 of the video.  Duration 13 minutes.  

Trevor creates this little monogram as a review of the monogram tool.  Monogram fonts are different from text fonts in that they may include sets of decor or special monogram borders that you can use to dress up the monogram.  Monograms are also based on two or three letter layouts.  You can add more letters to your monogram but you may need to do some editing to get them to fit inside of the decor if you using it.  Monograms also include the special text edit mode where you can adjust letter spacing or add envelope shaping to the layout of the letters.  FTCU-W02-12.009FTCU-W02-12.010

Shape Tool Review

Begins at 1:01:00 of the video.  Duration 14 minutes.  

Understanding the shape tool is essential for success with FTCU.  Trevor reviews how to use the shape tool and how the options change when the segment is artwork vs when it is an embroidery fill.  In both cases the shape tool offers important tools and abilities.  FTCU-W02-12.011.jpeg

Create Baby Giraffe

Begins at 1:15:30 of the video.  Duration 45 minutes.  

Trevor creates this baby giraffe design using the auto artwork wizard.  FTCU makes the shapes and then you get to decide the sewing sequence and styles of stitching.  See how to edit the shapes and layer everything to connect together. FTCU-W02-12.012FTCU-W02-12.013FTCU-W02-12.014