FTCU-W03-04.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 03 -04

Class length is approximately 2 hours and 01 minutes. 

Sketch Style Review (45min)

Begins at approx. 02:00

Trevor begins this class with a review of some of the important principles we have learned with the sketch style designs.  Learn how to use the run line tool to have the lines begin and end where you choose so it is easy to connect everything together.  FTCU-W03-04.022FTCU-W03-04.023FTCU-W03-04.024

by Nancy Morin

Begins at approx. 49:30FTCU-W03-04.027.jpeg

by Melody Kasprzak

Begins at approx. 1:05:00FTCU-W03-04.028FTCU-W03-04.029FTCU-W03-04.030

by Nancy Hutchison

Begins at approx. 1:15:20FTCU-W03-04.031.jpeg

by Orito Hayashi

Begins at approx. 1:28:30FTCU-W03-04.032FTCU-W03-04.033

by Sharon Lacoss

Begins at approx. 1:36:30FTCU-W03-04.034.jpeg

by Valerie Day

Begins at approx. 1:43:00FTCU-W03-04.035.jpeg

by Linda Stanley

Begins at approx. 1:49:00FTCU-W03-04.036.jpeg