FTCU-W03-05.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 03 -05

Class length is approximately 2 hours and 27 minutes.  

Sketch Challenge by Nancy Sheppard

Begins at 4:45 of the video.  Duration 7 minutes.  

Look at the excellent design that Nancy sent in for the Sketch Challenge.  She sent her design before the review class and Trevor missed including the design.  Thank you Nancy for your awesome Design of Stonehenge!FTCU-W03-05.004.jpeg

Digitize Artwork – Dragonfly

Begins at 12:15 of the video.  Duration 45 minutes.  

Trevor begins with the vector artwork and digitizes this design from start to finish.  Learn to create like a pro and even include mylar topping and crystals.  FTCU-W03-05.005FTCU-W03-05.007FTCU-W03-05.008FTCU-W03-05.009FTCU-W03-05.010FTCU-W03-05.011

Steil Run – Stitch Type 

Begins at 57:00 of the video.  Duration 11 minutes.  

Trevor reviews the latest update and this is a new stitch style to choose from the tools along the bottom of your software. This will combine a satin steil column that is combined with a run line.  You get to choose what will sew first the run line or the satin steil stitch.  It’s like having your favourite two tools in one!FTCU-W03-05.013.jpeg

Motif – Variable Size

Begins at 1:08:30 of the video.  Duration 7 minutes.  

This new feature in the latest update allows you to apply a variable size on a motif line.  There are different profiles to choose such as Increasing and decreasing plus concave and convex.  The effect will adjust the size of the motif from one size to another.  FTCU-W03-05.014.jpeg

Motif – V&H Orientation

Begins at 1:15:50 of the video.  Duration 3 minutes.  

This new feature will allow you to adjust the vertical or horizontal orientation of your motif lines.  With this new adjustment it is easy to set the direction of a motif or pick if it will go to the inside or outside of your shape.  Chances are you have looked for this tool before and will be really happy to now find it.  FTCU-W03-05.015.jpeg

Offset Run Lines

Begins at 1:18:45 of the video.  Duration 3 minutes.  

This new feature allows you to adjust where your run line or motif line will sew in relationship to the actual shape.  You can choose to offset the outline inside or outside of the actual shape so the there is more or less overlap.  This is another “where have you been all my life” improvement.  FTCU-W03-05.016.jpeg

Motif – Mixed Patterns

Begins at 1:21:30 of the video.  Duration 3 minutes.  

Your loving the new update when BAM! they blow it up with this new feature.  This one gets a 10 on the WOW factor.  It is so easy to combine patterns and they results can be really stunning.  This is one gets all the oooos’ and awwwww’s  from the crowd.  FTCU-W03-05.017.jpeg

Edit Artwork – Improvements

Begins at 1:24:45 of the video.  Duration 15 minutes.  

If you have ever edited a design and found it hard to find the shape outline or angle lines this improvement is for you.  The improvement is when you are selected in edit shape mode and the outline , points and angle lines are all highlighted to make it much easier to understand and edit.FTCU-W03-05.018.jpeg

Satin Bean – # of Repeats

Begins at 1:28:00 of the video.  Duration 7 minutes.  

Re create the look of hand made satin columns with this new feature called a “Satin Bean”.  They way it works is the stitches of the shape are sewn 3 or 5 or 9 times to make the tread look much thicker than it is.  That can give a real hand made look to our designs.  FTCU-W03-05.019.jpeg

Run line Bean and Half Bean

Begins at 1:35:00 of the video.  Duration 10 minutes.  

This is feature update has given us much more control of the run line tool and specifically the bean stitch.  Choose from a bean or a half bean and then fine toon or adjust the settings like the offset of the line.FTCU-W03-05.020.jpeg

Digitize Artwork Tools

Begins at 1:45:45 of the video.  Duration 2 minutes.  

This is an improvement to the way the artwork tools work to make it easier to add more than one line or shape in succession.  Once you turn on the tool you can make shapes without needing to turn the tool on in between each shape.  When your done choose the select tool. FTCU-W03-05.021.jpeg

Arrange & Save Workspace

Begins at 1:47:00 of the video.  Duration 7 minutes.  

Someone moved the cheese!  Actually it is true that a few of the tools are in different locations with this update however what has been done is to make several smaller toolbars that have similar tools and we can now choose where to place them on our workspace.  Save your favourite layouts. FTCU-W03-05.022.jpeg

Opening Stitch Formats

Begins at 1:54:15 of the video.  Duration 15 minutes.  

Stitch formats such as .Jef or .Pes are simply designs made up of stitches.  When you open one you choose between leaving them as stitches or having the software convert the stitches to shapes or outlines.  In this segment Trevor discusses how to answer that very important question.   FTCU-W03-05.023.jpeg

Convert to Outlines

Begins at 2:09:00 of the video.  Duration 15 minutes.  

In this segment Trevor explains how the stitches to outlines or “convert to outlines” option works.  There are several options in the advanced tab that affects the results.  This is a very important feature as it allows us to make changes to designs we did not make however understanding is a key to success.  FTCU-W03-05.024.jpeg