FTCU-W03-08.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 03 -08

Class length is approximately 2 hours and 13 minutes.  

New in Update 3322 – Review

Begins at 2:30 of the video.  Duration 56 minutes.  

This class begins with a review of the new features in the latest update “3322” of the FTCU software.  Trevor is suggesting you learn to use these new features by participating in a design challenge. The next class is the review class so send in your designs asap.  If you get to this after the review is complete Trevor still suggest you make a design to learn from trying the new features.FTCU-W03-08.017.jpeg

Bird – Floral Tail – Satin Repeats

Begins at 58:00 of the video.  Duration 8 minutes.  

This little bird is from the FTCU Free Monthly designs for September 2010 and Trevor shows how to edit the fancy tail shapes and incorporate the new Satin Repeats effect to give it a vintage look.   FTCU-W03-08.018FTCU-W03-08.019FTCU-W03-08.020FTCU-W03-08.021

Hearts – Steil-Run – Mixed Motifs

Begins at 1:06:30 of the video.  Duration 5 minutes.  

This design is created by editing the FTCU Free Monthly design from February 2017.  Much of the original design was removed and the hearts are then filled with a mixed motif fill pattern and the shapes are then outlined with a stein-run effect.  FTCU-W03-08.022FTCU-W03-08.023FTCU-W03-08.024FTCU-W03-08.025FTCU-W03-08.026

Vintage Motif – Edit a Stitch Design

Begins at 1:20:30 of the video.  Duration 8 minutes.  

Trevor added the vintage look to this design by editing an original stitch design in .Jef format and then applying the Satin Repeat effect.  FTCU-W03-08.027FTCU-W03-08.028FTCU-W03-08.029

Redwork Lady – Large Size

Begins at 1:28:30 of the video.  Duration 11 minutes.  

This design is from FTCU-W01-01 where Trevor created this rework lady at 4”, 3”,2”and even 1.5” tall.  This time we make her 8” tall and use a bean stitch with 5 repeats to get the 40wt embroidery thread to look more like hand embroidery floss.   FTCU-W03-08.030FTCU-W03-08.031FTCU-W03-08.032

Digitize Paisley – Large Size

Begins at 1:39:30 of the video.  Duration 20 minutes.  

For this design Trevor provides the artwork in .Jpg format so you can try to digitize it yourself.  Trevor created the shapes using the the artwork as a backdrop and then tracing the shapes using the hands on digitizing tools.  Bean stitch run lines and satin repeats are used to create the old fashion or vintage appearance of hand made embroidery with thick embroidery floss.  FTCU-W03-08.033FTCU-W03-08.034FTCU-W03-08.035

Digitize Cranes – Satin Repeats

Begins at 1:58:00 of the video.  Duration 15 minutes.  

Trevor digitized these two designs from .jgp artwork using the hands on technique and applying a satin repeat effect for a vintage look.  Learn to use a preset to save time when digitizing shapes with a special effect such as the satin repeat.  FTCU-W03-08.036FTCU-W03-08.037FTCU-W03-08.038