FTCU-W03-12.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 03 -12

Class length is approximately 1 hours and 55 minutes and a few seconds. 

Custom Button Hole

Begins at 3:00 of the video.  Duration 28 minutes.  

Learn to use the Button Hole Tool and choose from a list of pre made choices.  Learn to use the align and distribute tools to help with placement of several buttons.  Trevor shows how to create a custom button hole and save it as a symbol to make it easy to use again and again. FTCU-W03-12.003.jpeg

Stitch Editing – Fix a Stitch

Begins at 31:30 of the video.  Duration 8 minutes.  

Some times there is just one or two stitches that you don’t like.  With Stitch Editing it is possible to move, add or delete individual stitches.  These edits should be done last as they would be lost if you do anything that causes the software to re generate the stitches. FTCU-W03-12.004.jpeg

Auto Lace Tool – Lettering

Begins at 39:30 of the video.  Duration 7 minutes.  

The auto lace tool can quickly create freestanding lace from any shape.  Trevor uses the create outlines tool to create a background of FSL to support embroidery lettering.   The trick is to break up the text so it work with the create outlines tool. FTCU-W03-12.007FTCU-W03-12.008FTCU-W03-12.009FTCU-W03-12.010FTCU-W03-12.011

Auto Lace Tool – Bird

Begins at 46:20 of the video.  Duration 9 minutes.  

Using the create outlines tool Trevor can turn any embroidery design into a freestanding lace design thanks in part to the awesome new auto lace tool.  Freestanding embroidery is now FUN and EASY to make. 🙂 FTCU-W03-12.012FTCU-W03-12.013FTCU-W03-12.014FTCU-W03-12.015FTCU-W03-12.016

Whitework Flower with Netting

Begins at 55:30 of the video.  Duration 25 minutes.  

Start with the provided vector and simply click on the whitework lace tool to quickly make a cutwork flower.  Trevor explains the difference between the cutwork tool and the whitework tool.  Trevor also shows how to create a mesh background for your whitework. FTCU-W03-12.017FTCU-W03-12.018FTCU-W03-12.019FTCU-W03-12.020FTCU-W03-12.021FTCU-W03-12.022

Whitework Flowers with Vines

Begins at 1:20:30 of the video.  Duration 35 minutes.  

Create the vines and leaves to go with the whitework flowers from the SVG vector artwork that is provided.  Learn to use the knife tool to trim the vector artwork and make room for the whitework flowers.  Learn to add run lines where needed to connect the parts and avoid jumps.  FTCU-W03-12.023FTCU-W03-12.024FTCU-W03-12.025FTCU-W03-12.027FTCU-W03-12.028FTCU-W03-12.029FTCU-W03-12.030FTCU-W03-12.031FTCU-W03-12.032FTCU-W03-12.033