FTCU-W01-12.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 01-12

Class length is approximately 3 hrs and 05 minutes.

This class begins with Trevor sharing a few photos from recent trips. ftcu-w01-12-005ftcu-w01-12-006ftcu-w01-12-007ftcu-w01-12-008ftcu-w01-12-009ftcu-w01-12-010ftcu-w01-12-011ftcu-w01-12-012ftcu-w01-12-013ftcu-w01-12-014

Cross Stitch Angel – Size Trials by Valerie

Begins at 16:15 of the video.  Duration 7 minutes.

This is a follow up to last class where Trevor created a cross stitch angel.  Valerie did the homework and tested several sizes of crosses per inch and also tested the designs with different weights of thread.  Thank you Valerie!ftcu-w01-12-025ftcu-w01-12-026ftcu-w01-12-027ftcu-w01-12-028

TTF Lettering – Arched Question

Begins at 23:30 of the video.  Duration 9 minutes.

Trevor received this design with a question from Ann Landfried about how to use a TTF font in an arch.  Although there is not a special tool to use like our regular text Trevor shows how you move each letter and place it along an arch.  An arch line of artwork can be used to help align and rotate the letters. FTCU-W01-12.029.jpeg

New Custom Shape – Check Mark

Begins at 32:30 of the video.  Duration 20 minutes.

In this segment Trevor shows how to create a new custom shape and then save it to the correct folder so that it will appear along side the other shapes when you open the custom shapes tool.  Trevor creates artwork for two different check marks and they are included with the download of this class.  Save them to the correct folder on your PC.FTCU-W01-12.030.jpeg

Word Play – FTC-U – Check Mark

Begins at 52:45 of the video.  Duration 40 minutes.

This is a new tool that came with the latest update 3020.  Trevor uses one of the custom check mark shapes from the previous segment and fills it it will lettering to celebrate the FUN we are having in our FTC-U Workshop 01.  🙂  Learn to add underlay and pull compensation to the lettering for best sewing results.  Design is included in the DL. ftcu-w01-12-031ftcu-w01-12-032ftcu-w01-12-033ftcu-w01-12-034

FTC-U Workshop 01-12 Motif Challenge Review

Begins at 1:38:00 of the video.

This part of class is a review of the designs that were sent in by members for the Motif Design Challenge.  The motifs and designs are all included with the download.  Save the motifs to the correct folder on your PC to add these new motifs to your collection.

Thank you again to everyone that contributed work to this class. ftcu-w01-12-050ftcu-w01-12-051ftcu-w01-12-052ftcu-w01-12-053ftcu-w01-12-054ftcu-w01-12-055ftcu-w01-12-056ftcu-w01-12-057ftcu-w01-12-058ftcu-w01-12-059

FTCU-W02 Invitation

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the class of FTCU-W01.  This series will continue to be offered as the best first step for new users of the software.  Members are encouraged to review the videos often and now that the classes are complete new members can watch them at their own pace and enjoy them for years to come.

The Fun continues with FTCU-W02 with Trevor Conquergood.  In W02 we will be able to draw from the valuable knowledge we learned in W01 while moving on to more creative and even more FUN topics.  The focus of W02 will be on learning new embroidery techniques such as blending colours together or 3D techniques like free standing lace or fringe.

Please visit your favourite Floriani Dealer to purchase DVD and membership for FTCU-W02.FTCU-W01-12.064.jpegftcu-w01-12-061ftcu-w01-12-062