FTCU-W02-05.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 02-05

Class length is approximately 2 hrs and 4 minutes.

Binder Contest Reminder

Trevor is giving away this awesome custom FTCU Workshop binder.  The contest is open to members of FTCU Workshop 01 or 02.  To enter you need to email trevor a photo of you holding your existing FTCU-Binder.  Send the photo to trevor@sunsetstitches.com .  Contest deadline is November 6th 2016. FTCU-W02-05.003.jpeg

FTCU Update to Version 3126

Begins at 4:30 of the video.  Duration 26 minutes.

Trevor talks about the fact there is a new version of the software that was recently released and shows how you can learn what version you currently have and where to download the latest version.  Be sure to look on the My Floriani Today page to find videos that show what is new in the latest version.FTCU-W02-05.004.jpeg

Puffy Foam – What you need to know and how to use it.

Begins at 30:30 of the video.  Duration 26 minutes.

One of the cool new additions to FTCU in the latest version update is the inclusion of some new text fonts that are designed to work with puffy foam topping.  Using the foam topping creates a 3D raised look to the embroidery.  There are special stitches included in the PF text fonts that help cut out the foam on the ends of the letters.  Trevor gives some tips for using puffy foam topping so you will be able to choose designs that are suitable and get great results.  In some cases you may need to make edits to a design to improve the results such as adding extra (almost double) density or adding special capping or planking underlay stitches.  Trevor shares the Flower and Tree designs as examples of designs that are well suited for sewing on Puffy Foam because they have tapered ends and so no capping stitches are needed.ftcu-w02-05-005ftcu-w02-05-006ftcu-w02-05-007ftcu-w02-05-008ftcu-w02-05-009ftcu-w02-05-010ftcu-w02-05-011ftcu-w02-05-012ftcu-w02-05-013ftcu-w02-05-014ftcu-w02-05-015ftcu-w02-05-016ftcu-w02-05-017

Subway Art Challenge Review

Begins at approx. 1:01:00

Trevor reviews designs that were sent in for the Subway Art Challenge.  The designs are mostly personal and so they are not included with the download of the class however Trevor opens the designs in class so we can all learn and inspire each other.  ftcu-w02-05-018ftcu-w02-05-019

by Alida Jones

Begins at approx. 1:05:00FTCU-W02-05.020.jpeg

by Ann Leonhart

Begins at approx. 1:10:30FTCU-W02-05.021.jpeg

by Cathy O’Reilly

Begins at approx. 1:16:00FTCU-W02-05.022.jpeg

by Laurie Lapointe

Begins at approx. 1:29:15FTCU-W02-05.023.jpeg

by Linda Hochstrasser

Begins at approx. 1:33:15FTCU-W02-05.024.jpeg

by Linda Stanley

Begins at approx. 1:36:00FTCU-W02-05.025.jpeg

by Lucinda Johnson

Begins at approx. 1:38:30FTCU-W02-05.026.jpeg

by Mae Singletary

Begins at approx. 1:42:25FTCU-W02-05.027.jpegby Nancy Morin

Begins at approx. 1:45:00FTCU-W02-05.028.jpeg

by Nancy Bridgeman

Begins at approx. 1:48:30FTCU-W02-05.029.jpeg

by Phyllis Massenburg

Begins at approx. 1:54:00FTCU-W02-05.030.jpeg