FTCU-W02-06.001.jpegFTC-U Workshop 02-06

Class length is approximately 2 hrs and 12 minutes.

Binder Contest Reminder

Trevor is giving away this awesome custom FTCU Workshop binder.  The contest is open to members of FTCU Workshop 01 or 02.  To enter you need to email trevor a photo of you holding your existing FTCU-Binder.  Send the photo to trevor@sunsetstitches.com .  Contest deadline is November 6th 2016. ftcu-w02-06-003ftcu-w02-06-004

Ellen’s Lemur Question

Begins at 5:00 of the video.  Duration 18 minutes.

Learn about why this design had trouble with stitching sewing across the shape while Trevor shows how to correct the issue.  The trouble started with the lemur being made of two separate lines and although they can be combined it is not the same as having the lemur made as all one line. FTCU-W02-06.005.jpeg

Subway Art and More with Valerie Day

Begins at 23:30 of the video.  Duration 55 minutes.

Valerie Day sent in several excellent questions and some photos of projects she has been working on.  Many great points are made in this segment such as how to know if is ok to trim the thread in between letters and how to reduce the space between the letters so you don’t need to trim them at all.  We also learn about push and pull and how to compensate for them so that your fill and outline have perfect registration. ftcu-w02-06-006ftcu-w02-06-007ftcu-w02-06-008ftcu-w02-06-012ftcu-w02-06-009ftcu-w02-06-010ftcu-w02-06-011

Mylar Tests by Pam Harrison

Begins at 1:18:30 of the video.  Duration 6 minutes.

Pam sent in several photos of stitch outs that she made in testing sewing on Mylar topping.  Pam shows us that we can make edits to our designs by adjusting the density of filled areas so that they will be suitable for sewing on Mylar Topping.  Pam also tests different types of Mylar and how they hold up after washing. ftcu-w02-06-015ftcu-w02-06-016ftcu-w02-06-017ftcu-w02-06-018ftcu-w02-06-019

Create a Star for Mylar Topping

Begins at 1:24:30 of the video.  Duration 10 minutes.

Trevor creates a simple star design to illustrate the needs and steps of sewing on Mylar.  The satin border ensures that the shape is cut out from the Mylar while the motif fill stitches over the mylar and ensures that it is held in place. ftcu-w02-06-020ftcu-w02-06-021ftcu-w02-06-022ftcu-w02-06-023ftcu-w02-06-024ftcu-w02-06-025

Choose Designs for Mylar – Floriani Floral Fancy 03

Begins at 1:35:00 of the video.  Duration 8 minutes.

In this segment Trevor considers how to choose a design from your collection that is already suitable for sewing on Mylar.  Trevor chose this design from the Floriani Floral Fancy collection and simply stitched it on the Mylar. ftcu-w02-06-026ftcu-w02-06-027ftcu-w02-06-028ftcu-w02-06-029

Edit Designs for Mylar – Floriani Butterfly 152B-2031

Begins at 1:43:30 of the video.  Duration 6 minutes.

Learn to edit designs from your collection in this segment as Trevor shows how to adjust density and change the style of outlines to make even just one colour of a design suitable for sewing on Mylar topping. ftcu-w02-06-030ftcu-w02-06-031ftcu-w02-06-032ftcu-w02-06-033ftcu-w02-06-034ftcu-w02-06-035

Digitize Mittens for Mylar

Begins at 1:49:00 of the video.  Duration 14 minutes.

Trevor begins with artwork of these mittens from the Easy Art / Custom Shapes library and digitizes stitches that are suitable for sewing on Mylar.  Trevor digitizes this design from art to stitches in just a few minutes and we learn how to adjust the sewing sequence and add run lines to avoid any un-necessary jumps. ftcu-w02-06-036ftcu-w02-06-037ftcu-w02-06-038ftcu-w02-06-039ftcu-w02-06-040

Freestanding Lace Heart – Mylar

Begins at 2:03:00 of the video.  Duration 7 minutes.

Trevor creates this design from Artwork that is included with the download.  Learn to use Mylar in a freestanding lace design.  The design is stitched on Floriani No Show Nylon Mesh and then cut out when complete using the Floriani Heat Craft Tool. ftcu-w02-06-041ftcu-w02-06-042ftcu-w02-06-043ftcu-w02-06-044ftcu-w02-06-045ftcu-w02-06-046ftcu-w02-06-047ftcu-w02-06-048ftcu-w02-06-049ftcu-w02-06-050ftcu-w02-06-051